CBD/THC Ceramic Cell Cartridge S1-S7


  • Seven (7) models of Vape Cartridges are developed with years of experience and thousands of testing to suit for very wide oil property and taste requirements.
  • Size:φ10.5mm
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece or metal mouth piece of customer choices
  • Ceramic Heating Cells for Pure Taste
  • Medical Grade Glass Tube
  • Tank Volume:1.0ml
  • Thread 510
  • Double Seal, No Leakage Guaranteed
  • Oil Intake Holes Sizes: φ1.0mm, φ1.2mm, φ1.5mm.
  • Quantity of Oil Intake Holes: 2, 4, 6, 7
  • Oil intake holes orientation: Side or Bottom
  • The combination of 7 cartridge models with our variable 3 level voltage battery could produce 21 vaping experience, but we could customize our cartridges as well.
  • EVStar Vape Cartridges to suit your oil property with different oil intake size, quantity, orientation  combination as well as resistance
  • EVStar Is Your One Stop Vaporizer Solution